We've helped out plenty of businesses with content.
These are their stories.

Wordplay Copywriting have a wide range of businesses that call on our services, all with very different content and editing needs. Here's a sampler of what we've done for just some of our clients.


Parks Victoria

It isn't often our work takes us outdoors, so we were thrilled when our nature-loving friends at Parks Victoria wanted our help putting together some clean, approachable park brochures. We even created taglines for their marine parks campaign. (Our favourite: 'Some of Victoria's best schools are underwatrer.')


Sydney Dance Company

After honing our dance writing skills with Melbourne Festival – and discovering a new passion for contemporary choreography – we were happy to lend a hand to Sydney Dance Company’s hard-working marketing team, providing long-distance, last-minute content support whenever needed.


Melbourne Festival

Since 2011 we’ve been chuffed to be the content providers for Melbourne’s premier arts festival – creating program guide content, web writing and advertorial articles, as well as managing the work flow for their major publications.


Melbourne International Film Festival

Over the course of five years we created more than 1000 feature film write-ups for MIFF, presenting them in a clean, readable format for the annual program guide. We also prepared content for the festival's website and iPhone app, and worked with the festival's database system to ensure a seamless handover from print to web.

We even crafted a new social networking strategy for the festival back in 2010, and supplied regular content for their daily Facebook and Twitter updates.


Brisbane International Film Festival

After years of writing crisp copy for the MIFF programme and website, in 2010 BIFF asked us to give their printed and online publications the Wordplay treatment too. It's been a beautiful interstate romance ever since.


Studio Round

This creative design agency turns out breathtaking designs for print and web, and helps businesses create better branding and communication. When they need sparkling text to go with their elegant designs, they give us a call.


Five Creative

When this design agency needs punchy copy for it's clients' new web sites – especially content that needs to incorporate those all-important SEO phrases without sounding like a spam bot – the Wordplay team is ready to lend a hand.


Monash Univeristy

Monash had been working on a far-reaching Masterplan that set out the university's development over the next 25 years. It's a mammoth, complicated undertaking, and we did our bit to help refine and simplify their communications – creating copy taglines for their rollout campaign, and writing content for their internal website.


Bell City

This Preston-based hotel precinct was looking to freshen up its brand and web presence. They were looking for clean, simple, appproachable web copy, and we were happy to obligue.


Game Mechanic

For over five years we've been partnering with the game design consultants at Game Mechanic, lending a hand to write proposals, game design documents and in-game dialogue scripts. Our work with Game Mechanic included the Reach Out Central online game project, created for the Inspire Foundation, which won the 2007 international 'Why Games Matter' award.



This Tokyo-based English-teaching company have been a regular client of Wordplay, calling on us to create regular online content, including a weekly blog and mobile content. We even scripted monthly radio ads and provided Japanese-to-English editing services.



Based in London, but providing online English language training services throughout China and Japan, this is one company that has a need for regular online content. Wordplay provided the content for a specially targeted package of business-oriented lessons.


Cengage Learning

When Cengage were left short on editorial staff, they came to us for help editing a Japanese textbook from their popular Obento series. We must have done something right – they were back a year later to ask us to work on the next book in the series.


Quit SA

We pride ourselves on being able to write for varied audiences, so we relished the opportunity to write some youth-oriented copy for Quit SA's anti-smoking campaign.


Victorian Trades Hall Council

Our comrades at the VTHC were looking for a little help to re-structure their 32-page workplace safety information booklet, and we were happy to help do our bit for the cause.


Balance3 Solutions

Leigh Baker of Balance3 Solutions asked for our help to put together a punchy little publication called The Deep Green Profit Handbook. She supplied the text and the industry smarts; we supplied editing, feedback and proofing services, and the enthusiasm to drive the project to completion.


RMIT Union

Facing a migration of their website, including a complete redesign, a comprehensive restructuring and an overhaul of the content, RMIT Union asked us to step in to add a little Wordplay magic to the process.


Melbourne University Student Union

Who doesn't need a little extra help with their proofing from time to time? MUSU called, and we answered – red pens at the ready.


The Asquith Group

Back in 2007, this education and job pathways consultancy was looking to add a little sparkle to one of their reports. They loved what we did with the structure and look of their document, and they've been coming back ever since.


Prue Bassett Publicity

The life of a publicist can be a busy one, especially in this festival-rich town. We took some of the press release writing duties off Prue Bassett Publicity's plate, so they could concentrate on all the other important stuff.